Training Day 6 – Counter Conditioning, Birds session 3

This is training session 3 with the birds, I can’t believe how well he did. I am rewarding before he has a chance to snap at them or get too stressed and I don’t feel like I’m really pushing him but I also don’t want too. Really aiming to set him up for success.

Here is his session:

Note: A few hours later I had to vacuum the house and even over the vacuum I could hear him trying to have a go at them. I realised that its one thing to train him near the birds when he is not in a stressed state but he uses the birds as displacement behaviour for other things that stress him out.

Interested in any suggestions on how to change displacement behaviour like this???


Training Day 1- Bird Counter Conditioning

I had great hopes of a strategical checklist of training exercises and videos but so far training has been fairly spontaneous. Today we worked on Ranger and his interaction with my birds. I have two lovely cockatiels, the white one (Bella) is quite happy to leave Ranger alone but the yellow one (nameless although on his death certificate we may write Cosmo) antagonises him and bothers him through the cage. We usually have a coffee table set up close to the cage to manage Ranger and keep him at bay but if we don’t this is a typical interaction: 

Training Session 1.

With the coffee table still in place I started throwing treats to Ranger across the table no matter what his reaction to the birds was, he still lunged and growled at them for a little while. After a few minutes he started to focus on me instead of the birds. I gradually started to space the treats out to when he looked at the birds and before he could react I would throw a treat at him. I was really happy with how he was going and left it at that. For this first training session I used the highest value treat I could find (carob).

Training Session 2.

We started off where we left off the first training session however he was doing so well that I moved the table away, allowing him full access to the bird cage. It was much more challenging for him and the bird started to have a go at him but he still did exceptionally well and im very happy with his progress on day one. For this training session I used Kibble and it didnt seem to bother him.

Video of Session 2: