The rain stopped! Training Days 10/11/12

Training has been a little slow the last few days. We have done some handling training but the rain has kept the doggies inside and a bit bored. When the rain stopped the doggies had a great run around outside chasing the birds. Ranger will still prefer to chase a tennis ball than the birds but everyone is now happy 🙂


The Dogs of Kata, Phuket

My husband and I left our two puppies behind and went for a holiday to Phuket for 2 weeks, staying in some lovely accommodation on the hill in Kata. Even riding from the airport I noticed how many dogs there were wandering. At first I was so sad to see all these stray dogs everywhere, most of them were scratching and itching and some had skin conditions.  Then as we were heading into the second week of our stay I noticed that Kata Beach seemed to only have about 10 main dogs (I’m sure there are many more but these are the one’s I saw regularly and hung around the same places). When I was out walking I asked a few of the locals if the dog/s belonged to them, I got a “no” every time. By the second week I followed that up with “Do you feed the dog?” which usually got a “yes, everybody does”. Despite the skin conditions they all appeared to be well fed. It made me think about all the dogs that didn’t get fed or were scared of humans and what happened to those dogs. There were a few dogs at Ao Nang and the Tiger Temple that looked a lot worse for wear. One gorgeous little boy that I didn’t get a photo off was missing a foot, still all he wanted to do was play. I would have loved to take him home with me.