The rain stopped! Training Days 10/11/12

Training has been a little slow the last few days. We have done some handling training but the rain has kept the doggies inside and a bit bored. When the rain stopped the doggies had a great run around outside chasing the birds. Ranger will still prefer to chase a tennis ball than the birds but everyone is now happy 🙂


Training Day 7: Counter Conditioning and Desensitization to Rangers paws being handled.

Today’s training session was inspired by Dr Sophia Yin’s post about Counter Conditioning for Toenail Trim Aggression. We took a little longer than she did and didn’t make it quite as far but I was really happy with our efforts and Ranger was very brave. Our session actually lasted 3 minutes although the video is only 2min 30sec. I’m happy for any feedback and recommendations as I know there are a lot of mistakes in there.